Friday, March 26, 2010

Eight year old poetry is the best.

Here's another poem I discovered on the Dunedin blog.

Written yesterday, by Chee. [Enjoy.]

I like the color Red.
Red is the color of my bed.
Red is the color I like best.
When I get to the color red I always want to rest.

My pet on Club Penguin is named Fred.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two things.

[1] I found Premium Blue Bunny ice cream for $2.49 today at Cub. There is nothing better than Bunny Tracks. Seriously.

[2] I've encouraged poetry writing for my kids lately. I got one poem from a disgruntled [typically adolescent] 14 year-old girl today. After reading it, I told her how much I loved it, but I loved the proud look on her face even more.

By: Bao

I am thinking that the world will never end,
I am thinking that all the people that I love are deep inside my heart,
When I am thinking of something I feel that something is in my heart.

But what I am thinking you will never find out,
And what I am thinking you will never know.

Sometimes I'm thinking that the sun and the moon are deep inside my heart,
in my heart where I keep thinking.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Such beautiful weather, yet I leave you with this.

Minnesota is showing us signs of spring this week. Delightful! I plan to blog of my spring happiness, but I came across this article(s) and had to share it.

So much is going down in Greece lately, and after spending a summer in Athens I can't help but feel like the refugee crisis has contributed to the state Greece is in today. Economically it's clear that Greece really dropped the ball, but I also feel that they weren't supported enough as one of the first stops on the Refugee Highway, and that may have contributed to its current state. Either way, I hear about Greece and think of refugees and their journey, and on that note, you should take two minutes and read this from the BBC.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Loving this right now.

February may be gone, but I'm still here!

It appears as though February got the best of me.

I assure you, I'm still kicking. I really want to keep faithful to writing because I have officially been accepted to Iliff School of Theology's Masters of Social Change program (and recently received word of a stellar scholarship). With graduate school right around the corner, I need to stay on top of some of these basic skills. [I've also began Rosetta Stone en Espanol!]

Work has been full of grant writing, Global Youth Service Day preparation, field trips, summer program planning and welcoming of new kids. I get hugs, I get attitude, I get impossible homework and A+ worksheets, I get tired, but all in all, I wouldn't have it any other way. I mean, look at these kids, so freaking cute.
I spend the rest of my time going to Oscar-nominated movies, suffering through my Lent decision to give up meat and eat at least one meal a day of rice, drinking good beer and lots of tea, going to art shows, experiencing my first roller derby, baking bread, missing D.C., religiously watching the Daily Show and Colbert Report and anxiously awaiting the answers to my LOST questions.

A heartfelt thank you, February, but honestly, I'm really freaking glad to see you, March.